Girlstown formerly known as Loch Rio

Girlstown is the oldest and most well known program that Guiding Harbor offers, successfully serving over 500 adolescent females since inception.

The Girlstown program is a Residential Program that offers therapeutic residential care for girls ranging from 12 to 17 years of age referred for emotional and/or behavioral problems that impact their ability to live in the community.

Each resident accepted for residential services receives a highly concentrated and comprehensive individualized treatment program that is both client-centered and family focused.

Foster Care

Foster Care FAQs

For Training and Licensing:
Contact 734-697-4804 for a list of upcoming Orientation & Foster Parent PRIDE trainings.

The Guiding Harbor Foster Care Program provides services to children birth through eighteen years of age. The program is designed to provide a nurturing setting for children who are either temporarily or permanently unable to return to their family of origin.

Guiding Harbor provides support services and ongoing training opportunities for foster families who care for youth as they work toward reunification and permanency planning with their biological family. We also provide case management services to support, plan and consult with the foster family, the biological family, and the referring agency carry out treatment planning.

Young Adult Voluntary Foster Care Program (PDF)

Licensing Process (PDF)

Requirements and Responsibilities (PDF)

Foster Care Scope of Service (DOCX)

Supervised Independent Living

Guiding Harbor’s Supervised Independent Living (SIL) Program is designed to assist young adults in developing independent living skills, enhancing educational / vocational and career choices while offering employment opportunities. The Supervised Independent Living Program offers services to youth age 16 and older, who are physically and emotionally able to master the skills and experiences offered. The clients referred to this program must have a demonstrated history of functioning at a level appropriate for community based living.

Youth are placed in homes with home providers or in independent housing. Youth are expected to be self-motivated and responsible for their life choices. An SIL provider is expected to support and encourage the youth in meeting all goals set by the case management plan. There is no training required for this program. Support to the SIL family is provided by a case manager who will also work directly with the youth.

Youth Served

  • Youth served are ages 16 and older
  • Must be enrolled in school, vocational or academic program
  • Must be job ready or currently employed
  • Employed in either full- or part-time work or participating in a program that promotes employment (such as Job Corps, Michigan Works!, or another employment skill-building program). Participation must be at least 80 hours per month and may be at one or more places of employment and/or a combination of the above activities
  • All youth in independent living must be either employed full-time, actively involved in job training or continuing education, or a combination of employment and education and provide documentation of such
  • Youth must be in compliance with mental health services and/or all medication as prescribed.
  • Must be a Court Ward assigned through the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS

Youth who are not be appropriate for this program are individuals that have academic issues, behavioral issues and a criminal history. Guiding Harbor will assess the youth prior to placement to evaluate and assess the youth’s ability to participate in this program.

Provider requirements

  • Be a mentor
  • Complete an Orientation with Guiding Harbor
  • Complete a Central Registry Check
  • Complete a Criminal History Check
  • Complete an initial home assessment
  • Participate in an annual home assessment

Wellness Policy (PDF)

Civil Rights Compliant Process (PDF)

Corporate Compliance (DOCX)

Ethical Code of Conduct (DOCX)

Client Rights (DOCX)

Residential Scope of services (DOCX)

SIL YAVFC Scope of Service (DOCX)